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How old is Leonardo DiCaprio? Leo was born on November 11, and he's 23

Do you have any other web pages? yeah, I have some at angelfire too. It isn't as good as this one.

Who is your favorite singer? My Fav? I really don't have one, I like all kinds of music.

On Final Fantasy Tactics, how do I get Cloud?

Well, there is the easy way, enter these #'s into your gameshark:

80058874 0932 80058876 0032 8005889E FFFF 8005888A 0F0F 80058932 2F0C 80058934 3832 80058936 FF27

( erases one of your people, and Cloud is VERY weak ) Or:

In Chapter 4, Go to Zeltenna Castle, and listen to the "Cursed Island" rumor.

Buy a flower from Aeris at Zarghidas Trade City, then go to Goug Machine City, WITH Mustadio. The screen goes black, and re-opens with Mustadio, Ramza, and a steel ball scene.

Go to Goland Coal City, and listen to the "Ghost of Colliery" rumor.

Go to Lesalia Imperia, and you see a "bar" scene. Invite Beowulf into your party, then leave.

Return to Goland Coal City, and you should fight 4 battles. Fight and win all 4, then save Reis. You will now get a zodiac stone that will trigger the steel ball.

go back to Goug Machine City and invite the robot into your party.

Go to Nelveska Temple. Fight another robot, and kill him. You should get another "stone" that transports Cloud into the past.

Go back to Goug Machine City, and a time machine should trigger Cloud into your world.

Go to Zarghidas Trade City and save Cloud from a group of thieves.

Now that you have Cloud, you need his materia blade, then you have fun. Go to the Bervinia Volcano. Set your move-find item onto a person. Now go to the tallest rock. TaDa!

That's all for now!

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