Some Games:

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey Cool Game-Funny

Final Fantasy VII Game of the year-1997

Final Fantasy Tactics Excellent war game

Descent 3-D air combat game

Alundra Awesome RPG

Suikoden 1 of the best RPG's I played

Kings Field Hard Game

Kings Field 2 Hard Game

Need For Speed Best Racing Game!

Need For Speed 2 Awesome Racing Game

Need For Speed: V-Rally No-good racing game

Skeleton Warrior Awesome Adventure Game

Dare Devil Derby 3-D Funniest racing game

Soulbalde EXCELLENT fighting game

Tekken EXCELLENT fighting game

Tekken 2 A work of art

Rise 2 Not a good fighting game

Robo Pit Funny Fighting Game

Wild Arms RPG game-mania { Awesome }

Magic: The Gathering Very Cool fighting Game

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Excellent adventure game

Bloody Roar GREAT fighting game

Battle Arena Toshinden GREAT fighting game

Battle Arena Toshinden II EXCELLENT fighting game

Battle Arena Toshinded III An OK fighting game

Rampage: World Tour COOL game

Resident Evil Great horror game - Hard

Resident Evil 2 AWESOME horror game - Hard

Tomb Raider AWESOME

Tomb Raider II Excellent

Megaman X4 Awesome adventure Game


Vandal Hearts Wonderful war game

Casper Cool - Hard

Beyond the Beyond Excellent RPG

Bravo Air Race Awesome Racing Game

One Lucious 3-D

Pitfall 3-D VERY fun adventure game

Star Gladiator OK fighting game

Hercules COOL adventure game

Croc FUN kids game

Herc's Adventure FUN kids game


Warcraft II: Dark Saga Cool strategy game- hard

Sentient Okay adventure game

Gex FUN funny game

Gex 2: Enter the Gecko FUN 3-D game

Clock Tower GREAT horror game

Reboot Fun adventerous game

Johnny Bazookatone Excellent scrolling game

Reel Fishing Fun with Fishing

Caesers Palace Crazy Controls- Casino

Psychic Detective FUN action game

Twisted Metal COOL destroy-em-up game

Twisted Metal 2 Amazing destor-em-up game

Hexen AMAZING 3-D shooter

Doom AMAZING 3-D shooter

Doom II AMAZING 3-D shooter

Midway's greatest hit's volume 2 Fun classic games

Tobal No. 1 Excellent Fighting/RPG game

Tail of the Sun Okay adventure game

Floating Runner Cool RPG- hard

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Fighting Game Mania

Mortal Kombat 3 Cool fighting game

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Subzero AWESOME RPG scroller

Street Racer Funny racing/combat game

Frogger Classic game come to life

Loaded AWESOME adventure game

Re-Loaded AMAZING sequal to Loaded

Star Wars: Rebel Assault 2 AWESOME adventure/shooting

Star Wars: Master of the Teras Kasi EXCELLENT fighting game

Crash Bandicoot COOL adventure game

Crash Bandicoot 2 AMAZING game

Blazing Dragons Funny adventure game- hard

3-D Baseball Lucious 3-D baseball game

Jampack Volume 1 Play game demo's { costs $4 }

Jampack Volume 2 Play game demo's { costs $4 }

Jumping Flash Cool 3-D adventure game

Jumping Flash 2 Cool 3-D adventure game

True Pinball A weird pinball game

Pandemonium 1 EXCELLENT 3-D scroller

Pandemonium 2 AWESOME 3-D scroller

Area 51 3-D shooter: GREAT game

Extreme Pinball GREAT pinball game


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