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Here are the characters... and their limit breaks.

Cloud Strife: A young X-Soldier member. He is only 21 and was a 1rst class soldier member. He is the main character, and you usually have him in your party. He is the strongest, and the person with the most HP, MP, and attack power. CLOUD RULES!

Here are his Limit Breaks:

Level 1:

Braver: Cloud jumps towards an enemy, with his sword out, and slices down the middle.

Cross-Slash: Cloud attacks his enemy several times with his sword. If this attack doesn't kill the enemy, it might be paralyzed.

Level 2:

Blade Beam: Cloud summons energy into his sword, then attacks a single enemy. As soon as he attacks that enemy what's left over from the energy attacks the remaining opponents.

Climhazzard: Cloud stabs his sword through an enemy, then jumps up, causing his sword to chop the upper-half of the enemy.

Level 3:

Meteorain: Cloud jumps into the air, and summons a group of meteorites from outer space to attack a group of enemies.

Finishing Touch: Cloud creates a tornado, and it sucks all of his enemies into it. Then, it drops the enemies that it carried.

Level 4:

Omnislash: Cloud attacks his enemy with his sword several times, in fact, he attacks about 15 times! Each hit is worth about 9,000 points of damage. If you have the attack, cast magic combination, and mime, just use Cloud's omnislash, then Knights of the round. Then, start mimicking his moves....


Barret Wallace: Barret is a strong man. He is the leader of the rebellion group AVALANCHE. Barret's daughter, Marlene, is lonely all day because Barret is fighting. Barret swears as soon as he is done fighting, Marlene won't be out of his sight.

Here are his limit breaks:

Level 1:

Big Shot: Barret summons a ball of energy into his gun, and then unleashes it onto an enemy.

Mindblow: Barret summons another ball of energy into his gun, and he then blasts it into an opponent, taking away all of their MP.

Level 2:

Gernade Bomb: Barret throws a lot of gernades onto a group of enemies.

Hammerblow: Barret punches an enemy and sends him into 'outer space' { Does not do any damage }

Level 3:

Satellite Beam: Barret 'calls' a bunch of air-vehicles to attack the enemy group.

Ungarmax: Barret uses a machine gun against his oppoenents.

Level 4:

Catastrophe: Barret aims his gun towards the ground and starts shooting. He hovers in the air, towards his enemies, then summons a plasme bolt, and aims it at the monsters....


Tifa Lockheart: Tifa and Cloud were childhood friends, before Cloud went to soldier. After her parent's died, she moved to Midgar and opened a bar... Seventh Heaven. Although she loves Cloud, she won't tell anybody.

Here are her limit breaks:

Level 1:

Beat Rush: Tifa attacks her enemy with a fast combo.

Somersault: Tifa attacks her enemy with a combo, then she flips, and kicks.

Level 2:

Waterkick: Tifa performs the Beat rush, then Somersault, then she summons a wave of water to hit the enemies.

Meteodrive: Tifa performs her Beat Rush, Somersault, Waterkick, and then goes up to her opponent and picks them up, and gives them a back-breaker.

Level 3:

Dolphin Blow: Tifa performs the Beat Rush, Somersault, Waterkick, Meteodrive, then a dolphin uppercuts an enemy.

Meteor Strike: Tifa performs her Beat Rush, Somersault, Waterkick, Meteodrive, Dolphin Blow, then she picks up her opponent, jumps VERY high, then slams her opponent down.

Level 4:

Final Heaven: Tifa performs the Beat Rush, Somersault, Waterkick, Meteodrive, Dolphin Blow, Meteor strike, then she hits her enemy with a fist. { a fist like dynamite }


Aeris Gainsborough: Aeris is an ancient: an old species that opens the promise land. She is only 22, and is being raised by a foster-mother.

Here are her limit breaks:

Level 1:

Healing Wind: Aeris restores the party's HP.

Seal Evil: Aeris casts a spell that makes her opponents either stop, or be silenced... or both.

Level 2:

Breath of the Earth: A light from 'above' cures the whole party, and restores their status.

Fury Brand: Aeris uses her limit break to fill up the other member's limit breaks.

Level 3:

Planet Protector: Aeris makes the party invincible for a short period of time.

Pulse of Life: Aeris completely restores the whole party.

Level 4:

Great Gospel: The party is invincible for a short period of time, and the party is recovered.


Red XIII: {Nanaki} Red XIII is a rare species of a type of beast. He talks, and uses spectacular fighting skills.

Here are his limit breaks:

Level 1:

Sled Fighting: He charges through an opponent: even from long range.

Lunatic High: A light is shone onto the party and Haste is cast.

Level 2:

Blood Fang: He charges through an opponent and gains HP and MP.

Stardust Ray: He howls to the sky and a bunch of falling stars land on his opponents.

Level 3:

Howling Moon: Red casts haste and berserk onto himself.

Earth Rave: Red attacks his enemy with 5 elements.

Level 4:

Cosmo Memory: Red summons a ball of fire that explodes the enemies.


Cid Highwind: Cid is an expert pilot, mechanic, and fighter, that dreams of going into space. Cid is stubborn, but has saved the life of 1 person in his crew.

Here are his limit breaks:

Level 1:

Boost Jump: Cid jumps into the air, and crashes down onto an opponents head.

Dynamite: Cid takes out a stick of dynamite and throws it onto an opponent.

Level 2:

Hyper Jump: Cid jumps into the air and stabs his weapon into the ground, causing an explosion an ALL enemies.

Dragon: Cid summons a dragon that attacks an enemy, and gives the HP and MP to Cid.

Level 3:

Dragon Dive: Cid jumps onto his enemies OVER and OVER, and it creates small explosions.

Big Brawl: Cid jumps into a group of enemies, and performs a fast, deadly combo.

Level 4:

Highwind: Cid calls his airplane Highwind, and it launches several attacks almost exploding the enemies.


Cait Sith: A fortune teller riding on a stuffed Mog, he magically brought to life. He is a spy, but the team doesn't know it...yet.

Here are it's limit breaks:

Level 1:

Dice: Cait throws several dice onto the ground. The number that shows on the dice, is added, and shows how much damage is done to the enemy.

Level 2:

Slots: He takes out his slot machine, and rolls it. There are many different results, each doing more or less damage.


Yuffie Kisaragi- This 16 year old materia hunter/ ninja, is very UNtrustworthy. She is very smart, and can fool people easily. But her smart-mouth can get YOU into trouble.

Here are her limit breaks:

Level 1

Greased Lightning: Yuffie simply attacks the enemy with a quick attack.

Clear Tranquil: A blue orb/ball surrounds your allies and restores SOME of their HP.

Level 2:

Landscaper: Yuffie causes a small earthquake that makes the ground underneath enemies rise and explode.

Bloodfest: Yuffie attacks enemies with about 10 blows.

Level 3:

Gauntlet: Yuffie summons a portal underneath a group of enemies, that does extreme damage.

Doom of the living: Yuffie attacks all of her opponents. This is more powerful than Bloodfest. Level 4:

All Creation: Yuffie summons a huge beam to attack her enemies.


Vincent Valentine: Vincent is a vampire that has been sleeping for years. He is my personal favorite. He uses a gun to attack his enemies, and he can transform into other monsters.

Here are his limit breaks:

Level 1:

Galian Beast: Vincent turns into a purple beast. His HP and MP raise, and he uses these skills:

Beast Flare: The Gallian Beast throws orbs at enemies.

Berserk Dance: The Gallian Beast performs a combo on enemy.

Lvel 2:

Death Gigas: Vincent transforms into 'Frankenstein' and attacks the enemy with: { status is raised }

Gigadunk: Frankenstein hits an enemy with a powerful attack.

Livewire: He attacks a group of enemies with an electric charge.

Level 3:

Hellmasker: Vincent transforms into a guy carrying a chainsaw--- just like Jason. Here is what he does: { status is raised }

Splattercombo: He hits an enemy five times with his chainsaw.

Nightmare: One enemy is hit with 'Frog' 'Mini' 'Sleep' 'Mute' 'Confusion' and more.

Level 4:

Chaos: Vincent transforms into a winged demon--like a gargoyle, and he performs these moves: {status is raised}

Chaos Saber: He attacks all enemies with a regular attack.

Stan Slam: A skull is put under the enemies. If they are not killed, they are hit with fire.


Combinations: Combinations are where you put 2 or more materia's in joined slots, and they perform a different result:

Hard { Strong } combinatiions:

Mega - all - Deathblow - HP absorb - MP absorb

Restores A LOT of HP and MP while attacking all enemies.

Mega - all - steal - HP absorb - MP absorb

Damages, steals all opponents and restores your HP and MP.

Cover - Counter Attack - Counter Attack - Counter Attack - Deathblow

Covers other characters, counter attacks three times, and uses deathblow.

Knights of the round - W summon - Mime

You use Knights of the Round, and then you have the rest of the party use mime, and you keep using it too. Now you can never stop casting Knights of the Round. { can work with other summones, and magic }

Sneak attack - Knights of the Round

Start the battle using Knights of the Round.

Sneak attack - Deathblow - Mega All

Begin the battle using deathblow on everyone.

Sneak Attack - Steal - Mega - all

Begin the battle by stealing from all enemies, and attacking them.

Pre-Emptive - Sneak Attack - Knights of the Round - HP<===>MP

You can begin the battle with Knights of the Round. If you DO have HP<===>MP then you don't have to stop using it. { Use mime, and have the other people have HP<===>MP then all characters can infinetly cast Knights f the Round }

Final Attack Combination

Final Attack - Revive

If your character dies they are revived. Use on all characters for an invincible party.

Hp or MP absorb Combinations

HP absorb - MP absorb - Deathblow

Restores your HP and MP then you use a normal attack. { Also use All if you want }

HP absorb - MP absorb - Steal

You can steal HP and MP, and steal from an enemy. Also use all.

MP absorb - Any Spell

Restores MP after using a spell

Quad Magic Combinations

Quad Magic - Any Spell

Casts the spell it is linked to 4 times.

Quad Magic - Any Summon

Casts the spell it's linked to 4 times.

Mega - All Combinations

Mega - All - Steal

Steals from everyone.

Mega - All - Deathblow

You hit all enemies with deathblow EACH turn!


Added Effect - Poison

a hit may poison enemy

Added Effect - Contain

A hit may petrify, stop, or confuse the enemy.

Added Effect - Seal

A hit may put the enemy to asleep.

Added Effect - Mystify

A hit may confuse or cast berserk on an enemy.

Added Effect - Time

A hit may slow or stop an enemy

Added Effect - Destruct

A hit can cause DEATH

Counter Combinations

Counter - Deathblow

Counter attacks with Deathblow

Counter - Mime

Counter attack with the last attack that was used.

Counter - Morph

Counters with Morph

LOOK FOR MORE! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

ALL the weapons, items, accesories, and materia... and where to get them



name cost attack Location

Buster Sword 18 Start with it

Hardedge $1500 32 Stolen from soldier 3rd in Shinra Tower

Mythril Saber $1000 23 Shop in Kalm

Force Stealer $2200 36 150 or more in Junon, also in Rocket Town

Butterfly Edge $2800 39 Shop in Cosmo Canon

Rune Blade $3800 40 Nibelheim Mountains

Yoshiyuki 56 Man ouside Item shop in Rocket Town

Murasame $6500 51 Shop in Wutai

Nail Bat $2800 70 Temple of Ancients underneath the clock

Organics $12000 62 Shop in Icicle Inn

Enhance Sword $12000 43 Gaea's Cliff

Crystal Sword $18000 76 Shop in Mideel

Heaven's Cloud 93 Downed Shinra Plane

Apocalypse 88 Ancient Forest

Ragnarok 97 Get after killing Proud Cloud

Ultima Weapon 100 Get after killing Ultima Weapon


name cost attack Location

Guard Stick 12 Start with it

Striking Staff $1300 32 Stolen from Eligor in Train Yard

Mythril Rod $370 16 Shop in Wall Market

Metal Staff $800 22 Shop in Kalm Town

Wizard Staff 28 Get after you fall to the left of the Mt. Corel Railroad Tracks

Fairly Tale $2500 37 After you beat the Turks outside Gongaga Village

Prism Staff $2600 40 Shop in Cosmo Cannon

Wiser Staff 33 After beating Gi Natttak in the Cave of the Gi

Aurora Rod $5800 51 Shop in Wutai

Princess Guard 52 Temple of the Ancients Door 1

Parasol 58 Speed Square in Gold Saucer


name cost attack Location

Leather Glove 13 Start with it

Metal Knuckle $320 18 Shop in Wall Market Mythril Claw $750 24 Shop in Kalm Town

Grand Glove $1200 31 Steal from Madouge: Mythril Cave

Motor Drive 27 Costa Del Sol

Tiger Fang $2500 38 Shop in Cosmo Cannon

Platinum Fist $2700 30 Tifa's House: Nibel

Dmnd Knuckle $5800 51 Shop in Wutai { DMND stands for diamond }

Work Glove $2200 68 Temple of the Ancients: Door 6

Dragon Claw $10000 62 Shop in Icicle Inn

Kais. Knuckle $15000 44 Whirlwind Maze { KAIS. stands for Kaiser }

Crystal Glove $16000 75 Shop in Mideel

God's Hand 86 Get after beating Carrior Armor in Submarine Bay

Premium Heart 99 Abandoned Item shop in Wall Market


Red XIII { Nanaki }

name cost attack Location

Mythril Clip $800 24 Start with it

Magic Comb $3500 37 Victory at Fort Condor

Diamond Pin $1300 33 Steal from Bangnadrana on Railroad Tracks

Slvr Barrette $2500 40 Shop in Cosmo Cannon { SLVR stands for Silver }

Seraph Comb 68 After Cosmo Cannon Caves

Plus Barrette $6000 39 Nibelheim Mountains

Hairpin $6000 57 Hidden in Wutai House. { Figure this one out }

Gold Barrette $6000 50 Shop in Wutai

Adaman Clip $11000 60 Shop in Icicle Inn

Crystal Comb $17000 76 Shop in Mideel

Spring Gun Clip 87 Frog Forest

Centclip 58 Costa Del Sol

Limited Moon 93 Get in third disk after Bugenhagen dies.



name cost attack Location

Quicksilver $1000 38 Start with it

Peacemaker 38 Kalm Town

Sniper CR $3000 42 Nibelheim Mountains

Shotgun $3100 48 Shop in Rocket Town

Shortbarrel $6400 51 Shop in Wutai

Silver Rifle $3000 62 Temple of the Ancients

Lariat $12000 64 Shop in Icicle Inn

Winchester $18000 73 Shop in Mideel

Outsider 80 Downed Shinra Plane

Supershot ST 97 Ancient Forest

Buntline 48 Bone Village

Long Barrel R 66 Costa Del Sol

Death Penalty 99 Waterfall Cave



name cost attack Location

Spear $1200 44 Start with it

Slash Lance $6500 56 Wutai

Trident $7500 60 Temple of Ancients

Viper Halbard 58 Coral Valley

Mast Ax $13000 64 Shop in Icicle Inn

Javelin 62 In Gaea's Cliff

Partisan $19000 78 Shop in Mideel

Scimiter 86 Underwater Reactor

Dragoon Lance 66 Wutai Mountains

Mop 68 Temple of Ancients

Venus Gospel 97 Rocket Town



name cost attack location

4-point Shuriken 23 Start with it

Boomerang $1400 30 Steal from Formula

Wind Slash 30 Shop in Boat Cargo Hold

Pinwheel $2600 37 Shop in Cosmo Cannon

Twin Viper 36 Nibelheim Mansion

Razor Ring $6000 49 Shop in Wutai

Hawkeye $12000 61 Shop in Icicle Inn

Crystal Cross $18000 74 Shop in Mideel

Conformer 96 Downed Shinra Plane

Oritsusu 90 Da-Chao Mountains

Magic Shuriken $14000 68 Costa Del Sol

Super Ball $3000 68 Fort Condor battle #4


Cait Sith

name cost attack Location

Yellow M-Phone $500 36 Start With it

White M-phone $2300 35 Gongaga Village

Green M-Phone $2400 41 Shop in Cosmo Cannon

Black M-Phone $2800 31 Cave of the Gi

Silver M-Phone $3300 28 Nibelheim Mansion

Blue M-Phone $5500 48 Shop in Wutai

Trumpet Shell $3000 68 Temple of the Ancients { Door 7 }

Red M-Phone $11000 60 Shop in Icicle Inn

Crystal M-Phone $18000 74 Shop in Mideel

Gold M-Phone 58 Costa Del Sol

Battle Trumpet 95 Underwater Reactor

Starlight Phone 88 Sector 8

Marvelous Cheer 95 The Gym in Shinra Tower



name cost attack Location

Gattling Gun 14 Start With it

Assault Gun $350 17 Get after Beating Guard Scorpion in Reactor

Atomic Scrs $1400 32 steal From Custon Sweeper

Cannon Ball $950 23 Shop in Kalm Town

W Machine Gun $18000 30 Mount Corel Railroad Tracks

Heavy Vulcan $2700 39 Shop in Cosmo Cannon

Enemy Launcher $3200 35 Treasure Chest in Nibelheim Mountain

Drill Arm $2000 37 Cid's House

Chainsaw $6300 52 Shop in Wutai

Rocket Punch 62 Temple of the Ancients

Microlaser $12000 63 Shop in Icicle Inn

AM Cannon $12000 77 Shop in Mideel

Solid Bazooka $3300 61 Costa Del Sol

Max Ray 97 Sector 8

Missing Score 98 Get before fighting Hojo on Mako Cannon { MUST HAVE Barret in Party } { On Steps}



name cost Defense Location

Bronze Bangle 8 Start With it

Iron Bangle $160 10 Beginner's Shop

Titan Bangle $280 14 Get after Beating Airbuster in Reactor

Mythrl Armlet $350 18 Shop in Wall Market { MYTHRL = Mythril }

Carbon Bangle $800 27 Steal From Moth Slasher

Four Slots $1300 12 Exchange for Item == COUPON A

Shinra Beta 30 Steal From Marine

Platinum Bangle $1800 20 Costa Del Sol Bar

Silver Armlet $1300 34 Get after beating Dyne in Casino { Gold Saucer }

Gold Armlet $2000 46 Steal from Dragon

Edincoat 50 Get after beating Palmer

Diamond Bangle $3200 57 Shop in Bone Village

Rune Armlet $3700 43 Shop in Bone Village

Dragon Armlet 58 Get after beating Red Dragon

Gigas Armlet 59 Get after beating Demon Gate

Aurora Armlet 76 Forgotten City Shrine

Wizard Bracelet $12000 6 Get after beating Jenova Life

Bolt Armlet 74 Corral Valley Caves

Fire Armlet 72 Inside Gaea's Cliff

Crystal Bangle $4800 70 Shop in Mideel

Warrior's Bangle 96 Get after beating Eagle Gun

Shinra Alpha 77 Steal from Underwater MP

Ziedrich 100 Steal from Rude { on Shinra #26 }

Escort Guard 62 Sunken Air Ship

Aegis Bracelet 55 Invasion of Midgar

Imperial Guard 82 Reno

Minerva Band 60 Steal from Elena { Midgar Subway }

Mystile 65 Invasion of Midgar

Chocobracelet 35 Chocobo Racing gift



name price what it does Location

Talisman $4000 spirit up 10 Get after beating H0512

Poison Ring absorbs poison attacks Get after beating Motorball

Star Pendant $4000 Protects against poison Exchange for item; Coupon B

Protect Vest $3500 Vitality up 10 Get after beating Rufus

Power Wrist $7500 Power up 10 Get after beating Bottomswell

Silver Glasses $3000 Protects against Dark Shop in Junon

Headband $3000 Protects against Sleep Shop in Junon

White Cape $5000 Protect against Frog/Small Get after beating Jenova-BIRTH

Fire Ring $8000 Makes Fire Cure you Costa Del Sol { in basement of a house }

Fury Ring $5000 Puts you in Berserk Shop in Gongaga Village

Fairy Ring $3500 Poison/Dark has no effect Cosmo Cannon Caves

Jem Ring $7500 Paralyze-Petrify-Slow Numb Get after beating Scorpion { Paralyze - Petrify - Slow Numb has no effect }

Earrings $7500 Magic up 10 Shop in Rocket Town

Choco Feather $10000 Dexterity up 10 Shop in Wutai

Peace Ring Berserk-Fury-Sadness Get after beating Rapps { Berserk - Fury - Sadness has no effect }

Champion Belt Power - Strength up 10 16,000 battle points in casino { gold saucer }

Ribbon No status spells have effect Cetra Shrine { Door 5 }

Water Bracelet Drains Water Attacks Corral Valley

Hypnoclown Increases Manipulation % Corral Valley Caves

Safety Bit Sudden Death-Petrify-Slow Numb Great Glacier { Sudden Death - Petrify - Slow Numb has no effect }

Reflect Ring Magic bounces off you Get after beating Jenova-DEATH

Ice Ring $8000 Ice cures you Get after beating Chekhov

Amulet $10000 Luck up 10 Shop in Mideel

Bolt Ring $8000 Lightning cures you Shop in Mideel

Tough Ring Vitality and Spirit up 50 Steal from Reno { In the Sewers }

Tetra Elemental Makes Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth Final Dungeon { Makes Fire - Ice - Thunder - Earth cure you }

Sneak Glove Increase Stealing % Sector 6 Slums; in Weapon Shop

Cat's Bell Restores HP when you walk Chocobo race in Casino { Gold Saucer }


Rare Items { Items you usually only get 1 time }

Name Location

Pharmacy Coupons Wall Market

Cotton Dress Wall Market

Satin Dress Wall Market

Silk Dress Wall Market

Wig Wall Market

Blonde Wig Wall Market

Dyed Wig Wall Market

Disenfectant Wall Market

Digestive Wall Market

Deoderant Wall Market

Cologne Wall Market

Flower Cologne Wall Market

Sexy Cologne Wall Market

Grass Tiara Wall Market

Ruby Tiara Wall Market

Diamond Tiara Wall Market

Member's Card Wall Market

Keycard 60 Shinra Tower { Floor 59 }

Keycard 62 Shinra Tower { Floor 61 }

Keycard 65 Shinra Tower { Floor 62 }

Midgar Parts Shinra Tower { Floor 65 }

Keycard 66 Shinra Tower { Floor 65 }

Keycard 68 Shinra Tower { Floor 68 }

PHS Kalm Town

Basement Key Shinra Mansion

Keystone Dio's Show Room in Casino {Gold Saucer}

Black Materia Temple of the Ancients

Glacier Map Icicle Inn

Snowboard Icicle Inn

Mythril Sleeping Man in Eastern Cave { last two digits of # of battles have to be the same }

Leviathan Scales Underwater Reactor { In Chest }

Huge Materia North Corel { after stopping Train }

Huge Materia Fort Condor

Huge Materia Shinra #26

Huge Materia Downed Submarine

Key to the Ancients Beneath Northern Continent { Must have submarine }


Items { Can have up to 99 } { Most can be Found in Stores }

name What It Does

Potion Restores 100 HP

Hi-Potion Restores 500 HP

X-Potion Restores All HP

Ether Restores 100 MP

Turbo Ether Restores ALL MP

Elixer Restores ALL HP & MP

Megalixer Restores ALL HP & MP to ALL characters

Phoenix Down Revives Fallen Character

Tent Restores ALL HP & MP to ALL characters

Luck Source Raises Luck by a few points

Speed Source Raises Speed { Dexterity }a few Points

Mind Source Raises Spirit a few points

Magic Source Raises Magic Power a few points

Guard Source Raises Vitality a few points

Power Source Raises Strength a few points

Grenade Uses explosives against 1 enemy

Shrapnel Uses explosives against ALL enemies

Right Arm Uses explosives against ALL enemies

Dream Powder Uses Sleepel on ALL enemies

Mute Mask Uses Silence on ALL enemies

War Gong Uses Berserk on ALL enemies

Loco Weed Uses Confusion on ALL enemies

Fire Fang Uses Fire 2 on ALL enemies

Fire Veil Uses Fire 3 on ALL enemies

Antarctic Wind Uses Ice 2 on ALL enemies

Ice Crystal Uses Ice 3 on ALL enemies

Bolt Plume Uses Bolt 2 on ALL enemies

Swift Bolt Uses Bolt 3 on ALL enemies

Earth Drum Uses Earth 2 { Quake 2 }on ALL enemies

Deadly Waste Uses Bio 2 on ALL enemies

M-Tentacles Uses Bio 3 on ALL enemies

Stardust Uses Comet 2 on all enemies

Holy Touch Uses De-Spell on ONE character

Ink Uses Darkness on ALL enemies

Vampire Fang Sucks the HP out of ONE enemy

Ghost Hand Sucks the MP out of ONE enemy

Dragon Scales Water Damage on ALL enemies

Impaler Makes ONE enemy turn into a Frog

Shrivel Uses Mini on ONE enemy

Molotov Fire Damage against ONE enemy

S-Mine Uses explosives against ONE enemy

8-Inch Cannon Uses explosives against ONE enemy

Graviball Uses Demi on ONE enemy

T/S Bomb Uses Demi 2 on ONE enemy

Dazers Uses Paralyze on ONE enemy

Dragon Fang Lightning Damage on ALL enemies

Spider Web Uses Slow on ALL enemies

Bird Wing Makes a Tornado and attacks ALL enemies

Light Barrier Uses Barrier on ALL characters

Hyper Cures Sadness

Tranquilizer Cures Fury

Vaccine Protects against Transformations

Eye Drop Cures Darkness

Hero Drink Raises abilities ONCE during battle

Speed Drink Uses Haste on ONE character

Smoke Bomb Escape from battles

Remedy Cures ALL status effects

Echo Screen Cures Silence

Cornucopia Cures Small

Maiden's Kiss Cures Frog

Soft Cures Petrify

Antidote Cures Poison

Sylkis Green If you want a chocobo...

Reagen Green If you want a chocobo...

Mimett Green If you want a chocobo...

Curiel Green If you want a chocobo...

Pahsana Green If you want a chocobo...

Krakka Green If you want a chocobo...

Zeio Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Carob Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Porov Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Pram Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Lasan Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Saraha Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Luchile Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Pepio Nut If you want to breed chocobo's...

Tissue ?????????????????????????????????????

1/35 of a soldier Shinra attack soldiers; Collect all 12

Save Crystal Makes a Save Point. Use in North Cave

Super Sweeper A machine used to protect the reactor


Green Materia

Name ---------> Location

Ice ---------> Start with it Ice 2 ---------> Build up 2000 AP points for Ice Ice 3 ---------> Build up 18000 AP points for Ice 2


Lightning ------> Start with it Bolt 2 ------> Build up 2000 AP points for Lightning Bolt 3 ------> Build up 18000 AP points for Bolt 2


Restore ------> Reactor #1 Cure 2 ------> Build up 2500 AP points for Restore Regen ------> Build up 17000 AP points for Cure 2 Cure 3 ------> Build up 25000 AP points for Regen


Fire ------> Sector 7 { Materia Shop } Fire 2 ------> Build up 2000 AP points for Fire Fire 3 ------> Build up 18000 AP points for Fire 2


Bio ------> Shinra Tower { Floor 67 } Bio 2 ------> Build up 5000 AP points for Bio Bio 3 ------> Build up 20000 AP points for Bio 2


Quake ------> Shop in Kalm Town Quake 2 ------> Build up 6000 AP points for Quake Quake 3 ------> Build up 18000 AP points for Quake 2


Poisona ------> Shop in Kalm Town Esuna ------> Build up 12000 AP points for Poisona Resist ------> Build up 52000 AP points for Esuna


Life 1 ------> Shop in Junon Life 2 ------> Build up 45000 AP points for Life 1


Sleep ------> Shop in Junon Silence ------> Build up 10000 AP points for Sleep


Mini ------> Corel Railroad Tracks Toad ------> Build up 8000 AP points for Mini


Confusion ------> Shop in Gongaga Village Berserk ------> Build up 12000 AP points for Confusion


Haste ------> Shop in Gongaga Village Slow ------> Build up 8000 AP points for Haste Stop ------> Build up 20000 AP points for Slow


Demi ------> Get after beating Gi Nattaki Demi 2 ------> Build up 10000 AP points for Demi Demi 3 ------> Build up 20000 AP points for Demi 2


Debarrier ------> Get from Sephiroth in Shinra Mansion Despell ------> Build up 6000 AP points for Debarrier Death ------> Build up 10000 AP points for despell


Barrier ------> Shop in Rocket Town Magic Barrier ------> Build up 5000 AP points for Barrier Reflect ------> Build up 15000 AP points for M-Barrier {M=Magic}


Escape ------> Shop in Rocket Town Remove ------> Build up 10000 AP points for Escape


Comet ------> The Forgotten City Comet 2 ------> Build up 12000 AP points for Comet


Full Cure ------> Shop in Cosmo Cannon


Freeze ------> Chocobo in Mideel { White } Break ------> Build up 5000 AP points for Freeze Tornado ------> Build up 10000 AP points for Break Flare ------> Build up 15000 AP points for Tornado


Ultima ------> Get if you stop train in North Corel


Shield ------> Final Dungeon


Master Magic ======> Get from Huge Materia in Bungenhan's Lab { MUST HAVE ALL MAGIC BE MASTER }


Yellow Materia

name ------> What it Does ------> Location

Steal ------> Steals an item from enemy ----> Midgar Sewers Mug ------> Attack and steal item ------> Build up 50000 AP points for Steal


Sense ------> Learn about the enemy ------> Sector 6 Playground


Enemy Skill ------> Learn enemies special attacks -> Shinra Tower {Floor 68}


Throw ------> Throws an item at an enemy ---> Yuffie comes into party with it

Coin ------> Throws money at enemies ------> Build up 60000 AP points for Throw ======================================================================

Manipulate ------> You get to control the enemy -> Cait Sith comes into the party with it


Dethblow ------> Big Hit or Miss -----> Road near the Gongaga Reactor


Morph ------> Changes an enemy into an item -> Temple of the Ancients


2x Cut ------> Attacks enemy 2x in 1 turn --> Sunken Air Ship

4x Cut ------> Attacks enemies 4x in 1 turn -> Build up 150000 AP points for 2x Cut


X summon ------> Use 2 Summons in 1 turn ---> 64,000 Battle Points in Casino { Gold Saucer }


Slash ALL ------> Attacks a Group of enemies ---> Ancient Forest { Get after Beating Shadow Beast }

Flash ------> Instant Death for ALL enemies ->Build up 150000 AP points for Slash ALL


Mime ------> Does character's last command ->Cave south of Wutai { Must have GREEN chocobo }


X Magic ------> Use 2 Magic Spells in 1 Turn -> Final Dungeon


X Item ------> Use 2 Items in 1 Turn ----> Underneath Midgar


Master Command ----> Steal - Throw - Mimic - -----> Get in Bungenhan's Lab { MUST HAVE ALL YELLOW MATERIA MASTERED } { Uses Steal - Throw - Mimic - Manipulate - Morph - Deathblow - Sense }


Blue Materia

name ------> What it Does ------> Location

All ------> Uses attached Materia on ALL ---> Beginners Shop


Elemental ------> Adds element to weapon or armor -> Shinra Tower { Floor 62 }

Strategy Guides: people need them

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