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SaGa Frontier: Publisher: Squaresoft 1 Player -- PSX --

Another great game made by the one and only Squaresoft! In this game you can play as 1 of 7 characters, each with their own unique abilities, magic spells, endings, weapons, armor, and MUCH MORE. The characters you can choose from include:

Red: A REAL Hero?

T260: A robot trying to find his past.... and his mission

Riki: A young, animal-boy, that is trying to save his dying planet.

Blue: A young spellcaster, looking for magic, and trying to kill his brother.

Lute: A Musician- his quest...?

Asellus: A young girl whose fate has desperatly changed. She is now a half-mystic, and she is trying to seek out her true destiny.

Emelia: A young, beautiful girl, seeking to find the man that killed her boyfriend. At first, she was accused, and she went to jail.

Graphics-9 Fun Factor-10 Control-6 Challenge-8

overall: 92%


Resident Evil 2: Publisher: Capcom 1 player -- PSX --

In this intriguing game by Capcom, you can play as either Claire Redfield, Chris' cousin, or Leon, a young cop. You are trying to stop Umbrella's new T-virus, which has created Raccoon city, into a city infested with zombies. This amazing sequal has better graphics, more details, easier controls, and more blood, zombies, and enemies. This is one of the greatest games I have ever played. With the easy auto-aim option, it is a lot easier to hit enemies, therefore making the game a little bit easier. Mostly this game consists of Blood, Zombies, 2 people trying to save their city, and many others!!

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-9 Control-10 Challenge-10



Duke Nukem 64: Publisher: Nintendo 1-4 players -- N64 --

You are a hero trying to save a planet that has been over-run with aliens... and you are the not-so-lucky one to stop them. Practically this game is alike to that of the computer version, only with more monsters, levels, weapons, and more players! [unless you happen to have 4 computers that are linked] This game is a true beauty for the 64, and it looks very well for the playstation version. There is rumor that there will be another Duke Nukem for the 64, but Nintendo hasn't announced that yet. If there is, I will be getting a copy! Anyway, this game is very promising for the 64, except the controls. You can not set the controls into a way that you like it. In fact, this drops the fun factor as well. I spent half-hour trying to figure out every button, and what it does.

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-7 Controls-3 Challenge-9



Mishief Makers publisher: Nintendo 1 Player -- N64 --

A truly great game for the N64. It's controls are perfect, if you like the control pad more then the control stick. Also, even with a 2-d platform, it's graphics are highly developed, and looks real. The fun factor on this game is not as much as it should be, because of the challenge. Right now, I am stuck on a boss, and I can't figure out what to do. So... although this game has GREAT controls, and graphics, it lacks fun factor. It is shaping up though. My opinion is that this game should be very cheap because of it's challenge. Also, they should make an add-on for the game when the 64 DD comes out.

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-6 Controls-10 Challenge-10



Pilotwings 64 Publisher: Nintendo 1 Player -- N64 --

Pilotwings is a great game, with hang gliding, Rocket belting, Gyrocopting, Being shot out of a cannon, becoming a bird, sky diving, and a VERY secret stage that is called jumble hopper. This is my favorite mini-game, because I enjoy being able to jump high, and far... In the game of course. With highly detailed graphics, real textures, mini-games, hidden bonuses, and more! This game is my personal favorite on the N64. I also hope they have additional stages, on the 64 DD, and more mini-games. Herre is a challenge for all of you, can you get all gold medals, or even all perfects? I got all gold medals, and that is how you get all the GOOD mini-stages.

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-10 Control-9 Challenge-10


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