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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Publisher:Crystal Dynamics 1 Player -- PSX --

This game is a sequal to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain... except this time it is in lucious 3-D characters, and a 3-D world. This game takes place 1,000 years after Blood Omen. You are Raziel, you used to work for Kain, but now, you are working for "the elder" and you are collecting souls for him to feed on. This game is a mix-genre, it is both an RPG, and an action game. There is only one problem with the game, and that's that you can't explore the whole world until, you have collected a lot of items. Therefore, if you are stuck, and you do everything again, you can't back out of the mission. When Raziel sucks souls, he pulls his mask down, and get a look at that face! Raziel can grow wings, swim, jump, walk, run, and more! This game is shaping up to be the #1 game of the year... BEFORE it's out.

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-10 Controls-7 Sound-9



Breath Of Fire III: Publisher: Capcom 1 Player -- PSX --

You are a member of the dragon clan... A clan that calls upon dragons for help. You are embarking on a tremendous journey where you seek out your past. It's gonna be a dangerous one, one of discovery, one of danger, who knows, one of love? You are Ryu, and you are seeking your past, seeking help, seeking memories... but how does he remember memories when everything seems so familiar? What was his past, WHO was in his past. All he knows is monsters are out to beat him up, and stop him from learning his true past. With highly detailed textures, amazing sound effects, over 50 spells, master skills, and release/find all the dragons hidden within you.

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-10 Controls-9 Sound-10



RPG Maker: Publisher: ??? 1 or desing a 2 Player game --PSX--

RPG Maker let's you design your own character's, make items, weapons, swords, and the entire gameplay! Also, you can change the intro screen! This game promises to be a big seller, finally people can try their game-making abilities easily! Unfortunatly: you can't make the game 3-D. You CAN however, create your own world. This game, ur... game-making, ur... game-making uh.. well game, will be due out in the 4th quarter of the year! Also, it is supposed to be easy to create anything you want. Unfortunatly: you only have 1 memory card to save the making of your game.

I really can't give you a rating right now!


Fighter Maker: Publisher: ??? 1 or desing a 2 player game! --PSX--

Fighter Maker allows you to create your own moves, arena's, and backgrounds! With over 30 characters programmed into the game! You even design what types of modes there are! This game-making game will come out in the 4th quarter of the year! I think you CAN make this game 3-D!! I am excited about this one; and the RPG maker! Also; this game is supposed to be able to program easily too! Unfortunatly: you only have 1 memory card to save the making of your game.

I can't give you a rating on this one either.


Final Fantasy VIII [8] Publisher: Squaresoft ? player --PSX--

There are only rumors of this new Final Fantasy Game. I HAVE heard they are true! Squaresoft has already made 10% of the game, and is still working frantically! We can only hope that Final Fantasy 8 will come out in '98!

Graphics-10 Fun Factor-10 Sound-10 Controls-10



Earthworm Jim 3D: Publisher: Nintendo 1 Player? --N64--

Earthworm Jim is back and in Lucious 3-D landscape! this game PROMISES to be one of the best games for N64, when it comes out. Over 10 stages, 3-D worlds, characters and enemies, over 100 enemies, more than 5 bonus rounds, and 16+ weapons to choose from! this 'worm' will keep people drooling to they get their hands on it. Did I mention it was 3-D?

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