Tasks Complete THEM!

( I will post who has completed these tasks when you email me )

Pilotwings 64- xcalibar

Get all gold medals, or all perfects. email me when completed.

Castlevania SOTN-

Beat the game.

Mario Kart 64-xcalibar

Get it so you can have 150cc backwards race tracks!

Mischief Makers-

Beat the game WITHOUT continues.

Final Fantasy Tactics-

Beat the game without losing any people, or using continues.

Mario 64-

Get all 120 stars, and beat the game without losing 1 life. [Very Hard] Do each one seperatly, then when you accomplish that, try the other one, then try both.

Master of the Teras Kasi-

Get ALL the secret people, and unlock the secret stages. [ see cheats page for details ]

Harvest Moon-

Get over $1,000,000,000

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