TalkctiyŽ friends

Here is all my talkcity friends:

MegKDZ: a great KDZ,a cool friend, a wonderful person! She is also my cyber-girlfriend, that I love like I love SUGAR!

Honeybunch/KDZkitkat: one of the funniest, and best friends on Talkcity I have!

Sweety/SweetyKDZ: one of most favorite KDZ's, and a best friend at that. She has helped me a lot, and I can count on her.

CCCilver: My all-time favorite CCC, he helps me all the time, he tells me valuable info, and he is my friends. He never holds a grudge when you slap him with a trout.. he slaps it on the grill!

CCChantry: My other favorite CCC, she is what got me interested in KDZ's, and she is a very sweet, and nice person.

TigKDZ: one of the ery first people I talked to as a KDZ, she knows a lot, complains a lot *grins* and LOVES to work.

Byrman/KicKDZ: My Idle KDZ, he is my best friend on the internet. He is cool, nice, and helpful!

LuckyChic/LuckyKDZ: one of the all-time coolest people on the net!

Macro's/pop-ups: heheh, my BESTEST, MOST WONDERFUL helper.

SpudF/SpudKDZ: The person I could go through ALL day talking to... in fact.. I think I might have done that before... he IS my friend. heheh

Ginger/ScaryKDZ: Hey.. what else can I say but... AWESOME?

HawCCCk: My other best friend on the net. He has helped me, told me info I REALLY REALLY needed, and he is always nice, and tries to do whatever you want him too. I think I take him for edvantage. lol.

Tigger: One of my best pals on the net! I kicked her, I banned her, I talked to her, we became friends.... does it always happen like this?

NorthCat: NorthKitty: the coolest Cat ever. He is very cool, and helpful, as well as funny, and weird... well for a cat.

SpiritCat: SpiritKitty is the most beloved Cat on the internet... friends all over, never fighting, acting like he is all that... notice the acting....

Game-Misconduct: One of my best friends on the internet... he is gonna be a KDZ... hopefully. He is a great person, one I can trust, and ask for help, and etc.

Cajun-Baby: A very cool person, a sweet personality, and a very cool person.. one you can trust!

Nirvana_Girl: The most trust-able, friendliest, and funniest person on the internet.. sorta...LOL, anyway... we have been friends since the first day I met her. If I am missing anyone, email me, or tell me WHEN you see me

ok.. now it's personal people have TRIED to please me.

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