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A great place to chat-----FREE
Talk City
Another Great Place for FREE Chat
A COOOOL place to make your own web page-------FREE
Geo Cities
Another cool place to create Free web pages <===> Free for 13+ >===<
Free Web Pages---- 5 MB of Free space!
The wonderful Game Creations of SQUARESOFT <===> They Rule! >===<
Electronic Arts
explore the creations of Electronic Arts
Video Games
A LOT of stuff about video games! i.e. strategies, reviews, and previews
Game Spot
A bunch about video games
Sega Sages
A lot of stuff about video games: FAQ's and Strategies
Game Strategies
A place to find out video game Strategy Guides
Prima Publishing
A good place to order Strategy Guides
My Guestbook!
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My web page
A bunch of Reviews
A Bunch of Previews
Sister's web page
My sisters creations
Leonardo DiCaprio
About Leo
A great place to send FREE greeting cards
123 Greetings
Another great place to send free cards
A cool place to play online games
A cool place to play games online
Sister's web page
My sisters excellent web page
Game FAQ's
FAQ's about Games
Virtual Puppy
Get your own FREE virtual Puppy
Leonardo DiCaprio
More about Leo
Questions and Answers
Ask Questions: Get answers: Find Out: Ask More
A list of Playstation games, and how good they are
Challenges to complete.
Game Strategies
Final Fantasy VII guide to everything... IS in process! I have all the weapons for all characters, materia combinations, characters & their limit breaks, and MORE will be here! Print if needed
Game Strategies
I Know I have this link 2 times; I also have every piece armor for all characters and all accesories in the GAME! I have ALL Green, & Yellow Materia's and ALL Items & rare items
My Other sister's web page!
My other sister's web page: promises to be good!
Play games, and chat online!
Channel 1
I am sure you have seen the Channel 1 news. Chat and explore news on this site!
PSM Online
Playstation Games! Reviews, Previews, strategies, Codes!
Yeah, Kellogs, the cereal maker's web site!
Book orders, and well... Books!
Just about everything about playstation!
Second Harvest
Explore, maybe donate some money to help children around the world...
Explore this site of chat, games, and more games! Gamepro [the magazine] Online!
Ultra Gameplayers [the magazine] Online!
Learn about all previous, and soon-to-be games!
America Online
Search Engines, Yellow Pages, Help With Homework, New languages, and more!
This popular Game-Maker's site!
List of My friends!
My Best Friends On the Net!

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Now, after you sign up for our mailing list. Click Here to contact me instantly Hi!! My name is xcalibar, and you have just visited my web page! I am 12 years old, I like swimming, Basketball, Video games, Pool, soccer, and all kinds of music. I am going to be having a list of cheats on this web site, personal info on celebrities, player guides to games, and more. [ I hope you realize the video game player guides will take awhile ] I really like animals, in fact, I have 30 of them! This includes 9 cats, 5 fish, 12 birds, and 4 dogs. Also, raccoons, possums, and sometimes a stray cat comes up to our porch, and we feed it! I even got to pet, and hold a baby raccoon! I didn't even try to pick up the baby possums. Anyway, I am new to tripod, and as you can see, this is my first web page on this web site! I am most likely confusing you. Anyway, I have a lot of vieo game systems, this includes:

SNES [ Super Nintendo Entertainment System ]



Super Gameboy

N64 [ Nintendo 64 ]

2 computers [ with the internet on each ]

Clecovision [ an old classic system ]

Turbo Graf-X 16 [ another old classic system ]



For all of you Leonardo DiCaprio fans, I will have an entire web page for him. Also, if you email, and suggest anything, give me codes for games, or even ask any questions, I will put them on a Q & A's page. Also, If you DO suggest anything, I will TRY to make it happen, and I will post who made the suggestion, their email address, and anything else they would like me to have. If you give me codes to post, I WILL tell the readers who gave the code. Also, I will have a page devoted to links.... and I mean LINKS. Probably around 100 or so. If you have a homepage URL, email it to me, and I will add it to my list of links. For all of you Video Game fans, I will have reviews, Previews, codes, players guides, and more! I am sorry that I can not give you 3 things: 1. a chat room 2.your own homepage 3. your own email... trust me, if I could, I would.

Anyway.... stay tuned to this web page for a lot more stuff!!! in recpgnition to my workers. Bryman, and Spud!

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