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Hello, how are you?

I am still sick, but I am getting better!

Yes, we are still on cyberkids chatting right now too!

I am very sorry about the kittens! I wish they could just stay alive!

Our cat was the ONLY one that didn't get fixed, and it had kittens! It isn't very tame, but we have held the 3 kittens! They are sooooooo cute!

Anyway, if you ever wanna meet me at cyberkids, you can email/call me and we will find the time ok?

You can't tell anyone about this site ok? excpet your parents and some other FAMILY members. I won't give this page out to ANYONE!

Are you thinking about getting your own email/web page?

I can email you a walkthrough on what to do on trpod if you want me too....

who the heck is P chan?

Well, I will add more to this page when I am not talking to you, ok?

Jaclyn and/or hewr family have been here: times.

Jason Ross
RR 2 Box LL 10
Spencer, IN 47460
United States