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Final Fantasy 7 players guide

After meeting a rebellion group called AVALANCHE, Cloud joins the group to bomb a mako reactor. There are two potions on the fallen soldiers, be sure to grab it. The guards you begin to fight are very easy. After the battle, follow your "friends" to the reactor gate, and into the reactor. Two security doors are in that room. Simply talk to your "friend" standing there, and they will open the door for you. After you go through the first door, there is a passage in the corner of the room, go in the room, and there will be a Pheonix Down in the chest. Now, head into the elevator. Follow your "friend" out of the elevator, after she gives you a lecture on how to climb ladders, she steps aside. Grab the potion in front of your "friends" sentry position. Travel a little farther and you find a saving point. USE IT! Approach the reactor, and pick up the restore materia on the ground. Barret makes you place the bomb onto the reactor. You then have to fight "Guard Scorpion." This enemy is tougher then any enemy so far, so be prepared.--in order to win-- keep using bolt on Cloud's turn, and have Barret attack him with his gun. If you ever get a limit break, use it. When the scorpion raises it's tail, and shakes it, stop attacking! If you do attack, you will make him use his tail laser, that does about 75 points of damage to both characters. When it puts his tail down, go ahead and attack. --end of note-- You now only have 10 minutes to escape the reactor... before it blows up!! Be sure to equip Barret with the weapon you got from defeating the scorpion. Be sure to SAVE the game, it does waste time, but it helps too. If you fight any monsters, run away by holding L1, and R1 , or quickly finish your battle. Re-trace your steps out, but be sure to get your "friend's" leg unstuck. If you don't save her, you can't get out of the reactor. After you go through one of the security doors, have them open the other one... but don't go out! If you have time to spare, fight enemies here. if not, get out quickly! After you exit the other security door, the reactor blows up. You escape from the reactor, or what's left of it, to AVALANCHE'S hideout. Barret tells everyone to split up. don't. Follow Barret offscreen. You are now in the slums. See that flower girl that is knocked down? Approach her, and she asks you what happened, tell her.Talk to her and buy a flower from her, they are only one gil! After you are done talking to her, follow her off screen, now all there is to do is talk, and fight. Grab the potion as you go south. After you go offscreen, you meet officers that you can either fight, or run from. It doesn't matter what you do, the same thing happens. If you need experience or money... fight em! If not, then don't bother. You now hop onto a train and crawl into it. Amazingly, Barret and his group are there!!!! Follow your "friends" onto other passenger cars. TALK TO EVERYONE!! One of your "friends" explains how the train operates. Is that all she does is lecture? She tells you that everyone has fake IDs, to get past the ID checker. The train ride goes ok, and the team arrives in sector 7, Barret tells the team to go to the hideout. Follow them, but talk to everybody on the way. When you enter the town, Barret kicks everyone out of a bar called " Seventh Heaven." Go straight into the bar. Talk to Tifa.