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My recommendations

My top 10 recommendations

Some more links

CHEATS- a bunch of cheats
My home page
An image- no less
Another image- no less
Meet the cool GREEN GUY: with a new attitude each day!
about cats: only a few right now though
about insects: a new one each day!
My sister's home page: IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meet a bumble bee- with a new personality each time!
My sisters web page... only on my web page

NEXT TEN: 11. A pad of paper, and a pen or percil, to write down some sites you stumble upon. 12. A joystick or Gamepad- to play some games with. 13. A Rumble Pack for the N64 14. A memory card for the Playstation 15. A memory pack for the N64 16. A good chat room- so you can talk to people 17. A friend on the internet that is not mean to people. 18. A decent amount of money you have been saving ( yeah right ) 19. A family that cares for you. 20. High self-esteem- to keep you out of troublel