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My Cheats

Okay here are some cheats: Duke Nukem 3D- for the PC- dncornholio-god mode dnstuff-all the weapons, keys, items. Doom- for the PC- iddqd- god mode idkfa- all weapons. Need for speed- for the Playstation- go to One player, tournament mode, amd then press " enter password " then enter the password TSYBNS. If you are playing a 2 player game, enter the password, exit back to the title screen, and press 2 players. Then go to either head to head, or single race, and when selecting your car, press, and hold R1, R2, L1, L2. The warrior should come up, if you did this correctly. When choosing your track, there will be a new track called " Lost Vegas. " Have fun, and drive carefully. Alien Trilogy- for the Playstation- Enter the password GOLVLXX, except replace XX with level you want to play. i.e. GOLVL01, for stage 1. Enter the password IGOTPINK8CIDBOOTSON for the ultimate weapon. Battle Arena Toshinden 2- For the Playstation- to play as Uranus and Master, Beat the game on level 9 or 10, in one player mode. Then when the credits go by, press start to make the go faster. Start a new game, put the cursor on the ? then hold select to slow it down. Uranus and Master will now be availible. To play as Sho and Vermillion, Beat the game to get Uranus and Master, then beat the game at level 9 or 10 with Master, to get Sho and Vermillion, to get them place the cursor on the ?, then hold select, you will now be able to play as Uranus, Master, Sho, and Vermillion! Theme Park- For the Playstation- enter your nickname as BOVINE then during the game press and hold O + [] + X. repeat for more money. These are only a few that i will give you, just re-visit this site soon and there will be new codes, as well as the ones already showing.